Friday, February 03, 2006

the best C++ reference

i dont think there is a better reference on C++ then these:

Effective & More Effective C++
C++ Programming Language
C++ Faqs
Effective STL
and... MSDN C++ reference
MSDN yes, its really good; it has many C++ little language stuff you forget over time; although its short in description, if you have the time and patience, its good to read from time to time to refresh the concepts and things, but read it from start to end; it has many gritty things I (you) at time pass by, forget;
also, it has many things you find in C++ books (but explained more better in books).
btw, many of the stuff from my blog can be found in the MSDN C++ reference :D so why am I still writing here ? because its a good practice to actually explain in writing for myself different stuff

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