Wednesday, July 25, 2007

AIAB (Asynchronous Invocation Application Block)

i'll edit this post from time to time to update it untill it's finished.

Worker Thread and Service Agent execution.
If an exception is thrown from the SA, the exceeption is logged (using the Exception management mechanism). The default exception publisher logs to System Event log.
This is because the worker thread has a try-catch inside the thread proc. And this makes that the while loop inside the thread procedure to continue.
The Worker thread has a serviceAgentRequest memeber variable which is set \ cleared to null on SA creation execution \ SA execution returns.
Worker thred checks for this variable at the loop begin and resubmits the request (it wont look at the requests queue).

So, when an exception is thrown from a SA during execution, the SA will be resubmitted indefinetely until the SAMonitor aborts the worker thread.

Regarding the SAMonitor: Note that in the case of the exeception thrown from SA, the SAMonitor is called to add the worker thread at each resubmission. But SAMonitor checks if it has that worker thread already in its thread table and removes it and adds it again.

So this means that if a SA exception appears you can decide to either rethrow the exception so the request is resubmit or not rethrow it and maybe just return from execution (and the worker thread will mark the request as completed).

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