Thursday, November 15, 2007

RichEdit common contrl

i'll keep this post update with all the things about Rich Edit.

#1 The RichEdit Version

The current versions of RichEdit control and their modules are:

ver 1.0 contained in Riched32.dll
ver 2.0 contained in Riched20.dll
ver 3.0 contained in Riched20.dll
ver 4.1 contained in Msftedit.dll

The Rich Edit 3.0 (Riched20.dll) is included in releases of Microsoft Windows 2000 and above.

#2 Initialization
You need to explicitly load the RichEdit library in your application in order to use the control. Hence, to use the 3.0 version call:

if(NULL == LoadLibrary("RichEd20.dll"))
// cannot load RichEdit v3.0

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