Monday, February 04, 2008

MSI remember-to's

I am working with a wix installer and i needed to perform a specific task on uninstall.
After coding and compiling the msi, I tried to uninstall the product but I got a nasty error saying that the uninstallation cannot continue. The first thing i thought was 'shit, I cannot uninstall it'.
But here's a solution: MSI copies the original MSI file in the folder:
and the filename is in the form of 9c2ebd.msi
You can sort the files by 'Creation Date' if you know when did u install it.

I used then Orca editor to remove the uninstall custom actions which caused the uninstall to be unsucessful.

Also, another useful to know location is
this is the location where the MSI log are written during installation\uninstallation. sort files by 'Creation Date'to see the log.

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